Researched 2016

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The fourth annual Researched event, held at Capital City Academy in London, proved the biggest yet. An array of stars from the research evidence community attended. now if you didn’t get a ticket, happily, there is a wealth of resources that you can access from the day.

It was interesting to see Nick Gibb attend the event and field questions on the grammar school debate. The notion that grammar schools aid social mobility is not supported by the available evidence. In fact, the evidence stacks up pretty high to show that academic selection by school type does the exact opposite. It was good to see so many teachers and school leaders armed with the evidence to be able to question and challenge policy and it is testament to the grassroots organisation that is Researched that such evidence is well networked and becoming more widely known in the corridors and staffrooms of schools.

The mission of Researched, to explode myths and to promote research literacy and empower teachers to ask for better outside of the classroom, as well as be better informed by evidence within the classroom, is needed now more than ever.

You can find a precious store of speaking presentations HERE, including Philippa Cordingly, Prof Rob Coe, David Didau andĀ Paul Kirschner.

Not only that, you can knock yourself out with videos of the likes of Laura McInerney, Sam Freedman, Nick Rose, Dame Alison Peacock and more on this Cambridge Assessment channelĀ HERE.

Aaaaannnndddd, you can find some blogs (with presentations and more) about the event HERE – for which credit goes to Naureen.

If you didn’t get a chance to go, find yourself a moment to dig into some of the presentations and you’ll no doubt get to think hard and be furnishing with some great new ideas and challenging questions.

A big thank you to all those who organised and contributed to the event and the ace Researched leadership team!