Knowledge Organisers

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Every teacher appreciates a good resource to help them plan and teach. Having seen the emergence of knowledge organisers it is clear that this is something teachers should share and shout about. Joe Kirby articulates the nature and purpose of knowledge organisers here.

Kirby goes onto share an example of a knowledge organiser for a year 7 unit on apartheid South Africa:

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This approach has happily began to spread more widely. A maths teacher, William Emeny has written here about his taking on of knowledge organisers, sharing this helpful example:


James Theo has helped shared a Jekyll and Hyde knowledge organiser for English teachers here and he is working on collating such resources (find him on Twitter here):

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James Theo has helpfully shared a blog about sharing knowledge organisers – see here.

The explicit focus on memorable knowledge, subject terminology and more, is a great place to start when responding to developing the new curriculum in our schools.

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