Great Blog Posts for Evidence Informed Teachers

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There has been a torrent of excellent blog posts for teachers already in 2016 so far. So much so, I have been compelled to collate them with the aim of sharing them with interested teachers.

First, our own RISE website has been updated with more blogs – including Josie Mingay’s (from Greenshaw High School) excellent series on metacognition. See the third in the series (with links to the first two) Metacognition Series: 3 of 6.

Phil Stock, a RISE school Research-lead and Assistant Headteacher, has kindly shared his great blog on developing subject specific CPD – see here. it is really valuable stuff, for teachers and subject leaders in particular – What Makes great Training? 10 Ideas for Developing Subject Knowledge and Pedagogy.

The topic of the eight RISE newsletter is ‘Subject Knowledge’. one practical part of the newsletter is some evidence informed memory strategies – Helping Students Remember Subject Knowledge.

Beyond RISE, there has been some really superb blogs that are a must share.

Tom Sherrington has written a brilliant blog on the ‘Principles of Effective Teaching’, based on Barak Rosenshine’s seminal research. Take a look and bookmark it.

Nick Rose, has updated his aptly titled ‘Evidence into Practice’ blog with an intelligent blog on ‘The Psychology of Behaviour Management’. This isn’t just a theoretical blog for trainees – it tackles the crucial topic of behaviour management and gets every teacher evaluating their assumptions and their practice.

Marc Smith, trained teacher and chartered psychologist, has written a handy post on the ‘5 Books’, with a psychology slant, that every teacher could read. His blog is full of useful psychological insights for teachers.

I have written an evidence informed blog on learning entitled, ‘Thinking Hard…and Why We Avoid It’, that hopefully provides a useful start to a series for teachers summarising some of the core principles of helping our students learn successfully.

The Education Endowment Foundation has produced a handy ‘Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants: Self-assessment Guide’.

David Weston, from the Teacher Development Trust, has written  sage blog entitled ‘9 Ways for Leaders to be Better at Communication’. It is actually handy for all teachers, but a must read for all leaders and aspiring leaders.

All in all, a busy, but clearly a very productive time for those writing for teachers and about teaching & learning.


Alex Quigley, RISE Project Leader