Researched 2016

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The fourth annual Researched event, held at Capital City Academy in London, proved the biggest yet. An array of stars from the research evidence community attended. now if you didn’t get a ticket, happily, there is a wealth of resources that you can access from the day. It was interesting to see Nick Gibb attend the event and field questions … Read More

Top 5 Reads for Evidence Informed Teachers

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There is so little time spare for busy teachers that the thought of reflecting upon our practice and learning by reading evidence feels like a distinct luxury. No doubt, we need to be better supported and treated as academic professionals who need time to reflect, think and engage with what the best evidence can tell us, but sometimes we have to … Read More

Evidence For Teachers

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Teachers can be wary of research evidence. Most teachers have experienced a career of political policies and school leadership ‘innovations’ that are apparently evidence-based, so perhaps we are right to be circumspect. Few teachers feel a sense of agency when they hear about ‘evidence based’ initiatives – or that the research evidence is theirs for interpretation or use. We need to … Read More

Don’t Call it Research!

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Ask a group of teachers in the staffroom about how research evidence can help them teach and you may well receive a rather sceptical response. I can hear the complaints now: ‘more bloody work’…’box ticking’…’don’t give me ‘action research’, mate’…’another shiny new toy’, and worse. No doubt, given our fatigue with the merry-go-round of curricula change and ‘innovation’ after innovation, you can … Read More

Researched York 2016 – Get Your Tickets!

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It is coming back… after the success of ResearchEd York at Huntington School back in 2013, we are delighted to welcome ResearchEd back on Saturday the 9th of July, this year. We are developing an exciting line up already and the tickets will no doubt prove hot property! Our keynote speaker this year is Baroness Estelle Morris. Famous as a former … Read More

Knowledge Organisers

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Every teacher appreciates a good resource to help them plan and teach. Having seen the emergence of knowledge organisers it is clear that this is something teachers should share and shout about. Joe Kirby articulates the nature and purpose of knowledge organisers here. Kirby goes onto share an example of a knowledge organiser for a year 7 unit on apartheid … Read More

Great Blog Posts for Evidence Informed Teachers

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There has been a torrent of excellent blog posts for teachers already in 2016 so far. So much so, I have been compelled to collate them with the aim of sharing them with interested teachers. First, our own RISE website has been updated with more blogs – including Josie Mingay’s (from Greenshaw High School) excellent series on metacognition. See the … Read More

Metacognition Series: 3 of 6

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This is the 3rd blog post of a 6-post series on Metacognition. You can find post 1 here and post 2 here. (If you’ve read the previous posts, skip straight to the key themes below. I’ll keep the intro the same at the top of each post.) INTRO In my recently-appointed role as a Lead Learner, I have been charged … Read More

Thinking Hard…and Why We Avoid It

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In his excellent 2013 paper, called ‘Improving Education: A Triumph of Hope Over Experience’, Professor Rob Coe defines the secret of learning: “Learning happens when people have to think hard.” With refreshing honesty, Professor Coe goes on to describe his wise aphorism as “over-simplistic, vague and not original”. Now, despite this self-critical statement being partially true, I think Professor Coe … Read More

What Makes Great Training? 10 ideas for developing subject knowledge and pedagogy

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The need to improve the quality of professional training for teachers is, I think, becoming increasingly well understood. In a time of shrinking budgets and teacher shortages, improving professional development has in some ways become as important about teacher recruitment and retention as improving student outcomes. Recent publications have provided clarity to where leaders should target their efforts to improve … Read More